De Eve of de LaSt PaPeR

Goodluck in your final papaer tomorrow
Best of luck with no sorrow
Learn deeply into the night but not shallow

Go for gold
‘Cos your success story remains untold
Until the day your certificate you shall hold
Only then will you free your mind off this load………
JoeyB™ – de poet



I just love to write down my thoughts
Put words together with ALL the English i’ve got
And end my lines with a full-stop or a dot

I love to make my thoughts heard
So i put them in words so as to be read
I need my pen like ‘Blueband’ needs bread

I write to encourage someone out there
Who seeks a friend in anytime of the year
To read, laugh and have his mind totally cleared
Tell me, what is knowledge if not shared?

I write to make life meaningful n plausible
In the simplest English if possible
In a clear handwriting to make it visible
But alas, good and vry sensible……
JoeyB™ – de poet


Do u love poetry, music, spoken word. R u a
poet, writer or lover of jazzy music? Then pls
dont get it twisted, the place to be come
Saturday August 2, 2014@ 7pm prompt is
Chardonnay Pub in de heart of de O.C. Come
n meet young exuberant youths display in
various talents n abilities.All roads lead to the CHARDONNAY PUB about 120meters off the STC road.

S P O K E N R E A S O N S!!!!!!!


Time is ¢urrency

Time is ¢urrency
Though people may argue it’s only a fallacy
Or even a fantasy
But i pray to God for His mercy
The time i have wasted, life in short was messy
Life sometimes like a plant growing in thorns
Other times as beautiful as lawns
Or even crispy as prawns
Like girls dressed in fawns

Time is ¢urrency
We use it to buy or to sell
Spend it very well
Cherish it like a curl
Uphold it like a snail in its shell
Until you make it to Heaven or hell

Time is ¢urrency
Available to all but cherished by few
So make friends, say one or two
Invest your time well for its the ‘new cool’
Else you’ll speak the language of a fool
Had i known will always be at last
Keep this in mind till you leave this earth’s crust
Adhere to this then it would be a plus to you
This is from JoeyB™ to a friend like you……
JoeyB™ – de poet


De Break UP!!!

Hello Fear……
Could u grab me the chair there?
Well, now get this message straight once u are here
You’ve made me mess up my life with lot of things i couldn’t really bare
But since our last encounter, things have turned around so now u need to disappear
U have had your tenure and u really did your worse
I gave in to u like i had lost my sense
I realised all this the day u made me break my lense
So i sound this caution that from hence
U belong to my ‘past tense’
All my hope and dreams u stole from me
I really need them back before u leave
Unlike the days of Adam and Eve

You’ve caused me enough fear and panic
I felt so sick and almost became anaemic
Thus i need u out of my life so fast and quick
Take a close look at me now
‘Cos my life just changed for the better, u needn’t know how
These last tears u see here today will fall no more
All you did was to break my heart to the very core
Anger, lies, lust and all the other flaws
I do them no more
I found a new love called God’s Grace
Her love is so endless
All i plead for is her forgiveness
‘Cos when u gripped me i was helpless
U left me with no options and made me clueless
Now she made me know i am God’s creation
I’ve also realized my life’s mission
God, my present help even in this situation
Has saved me from u and your confusion
And He has lifted me from every opposition
Even to a higher position

U know what, before u leave u must really hear this
My God is stable, able and unbeatable
Though u surround me now, be ready to soon stumble and totally crumble
‘Cos my God is the most reliable
To deliever me from every one of your trouble

To end this discussion, let me remind you briefly that
….Now i can aspire to acquire my desire i admire
Though i may pass through fire
I’ll never retire or even tire
‘Cos i have a Messiah
Who will rekindle my fire
Sorry Fear, God’s grace took your place
Farewell, never do i wanna see u the rest of my days
JoeyB™ – de poet



It was in the middle of the thick darkness as i walked through the street of life
Silents fields, toads singing, whirlwind approaching, so i kept my knife
Desolate thoughts, nothing to lay hold of, my fears killing me softly
Then my instincts whispered suddenly, “He has not given unto us the spirit of fear…”
Immediately, i opened my ears ruptly then i began to hear
Melodious hymns and songs that angels sang, in my ears they sounded clear
I was studpefied until a strange angel will appear
He said, “my son this thing you are seeing has lasted not days but several years.”
The sound of music grew wild and gross
I couldn’t adhere the high pitched-voices yet i gave them an applause
It felt i had finally arrived so i told myself “here we are, let me take a halt”
Then i heard, “please don’t stop it may only be a plot”
But He took away my fears and trangression when on the cross
And with His blood, i have been bought
So i should live life without fear, yet stay in His court
The world should be drawn to me, like a pot of soup needs a pinch of salt.



She was sooooo deeply in love with you but you loved another
You were all she thought of before and after sleep
Yet you broke her heart and made her weep
Not just for days but several weeks
She’d always ask herself “is this……

You admitted to her, your heart was for another
And she needn’t come in to be a bother
Everyone realised her affection towards you even her kid-brother
You made her sob until she slept off like a baby sucking its mum’s udder

She prayed her heart out to God
Now in her heart and mind ‘you are gone’
A renewed heart and mind like a new baby born
Now you want her back in your life
After you stubbed her with an imaginary knife
You even wish she could be your wife

But she keeps teling you “NO”
‘Cos she can’t stand you so tells you “you have to GO”
You heard a pastor once say “You reap just what you sew”
Then it is time to ask yourself if it’s …..
……TRAGIC or MAGIC!!!!!

JoeyB™ – de poet



When i worship Alpha
I’ll go far
When i praise Omega
I’ll grow mega
When i am thankful
My tank will be full
B’cos some many people are landlords in the cemetary
Lots are tenants in the mortuary
Many more are candidates of obituary
But i am a worshipper in His sanctuary
B’cos His love has been living on since January
Coupled with His goodness written in my diary
All this He’s done without collecting salary

The Lord God Almighty
The God great in diversity
Fearful in brutality
Crowned in royalty
So i bow in loyalty
And worship His majesty
He never went to any university
Yet the capability of His mentality
Superceeds the totality of professors, even in conformity
At the mention of His identity
Principality and perplexity flee in anxiety
Despite the density of His responsibility
He has no vacancy of impossibility

Rock of ages, my dearest rock
He’s more reliable than ‘Hussle Rock’
He’s omnipresent, He resides in Africa
Yet from here His presence is highly felt in America
The Lion of the tribe of Judah
He’s more superior than the governor in Florida
He’s enthroned far beyond Washington
He’s more adorable than ‘Denzen Washington’
In His hands He holds the master keys
That is to say He has better things to offer than ‘Alicia Keys’
My God who opened the womb of a barren woman, ‘Hannah’
He can do more wonders than ‘Rihanna’

In His own image, He made Adam & Eve
That is to say He’s more good looking than ‘Genevieve’
My God full of mercy
More skillful than ‘Drogba’ and ‘Messi’
He uses no Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook
Yet millions of people call Him, follow Him and tell Him He’s good
Jehovah Adonai, my number one
He responds faster in time of trouble than 911
Ancient of days that uses no goggles
Yet He sees wider and faster than google
A Messiah that lifted me higher
Far lifted higher than ‘Timaya’

The Jehovah God of ’24/7′
That can turn situations around before the count of ‘7’
And forgives my iniquities even after ’70×7′
The master of creation that reigns from generation to generation
He died in crucifixion
Even for my emancipation
Through His condemnation
I have gained divine justification
And before His ascension to His mansion
He made provision for my vision
He’s my portion and possession
In all ramification
The God of my commission
That foreknew me before creation
Nothing like omission in His mission
My present help in every situation
That lifted me from a place of opposition
And set my feet on a higher position
The centre of my attraction
The head of every discussion
Beautiful beyond description
And not limited by my own imagination

It is well with me this day forward b’cos:
My help isn’t from abroad but from above
B’cos it isn’t by merit but by mercy
Not based on class but Christ
Not by government policies but God’s promises
Not by university degree but God’s decree
He can recharge me without charging me with any charge
He can give me more power in 24hrs even more than E.C.G. to rise above every principality n power.

Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord God stable, able and unbeatable
He will never suffer my feet to tremble
For He who keeps me will never fumble
Though rebels gather round my table, no problem, they’ll surely stumble n brutally crumble
For Jehovah God is most reliable
For in Him, i’ll overcome every trouble
Though my today seems humble or tumbled
My tommorrow is made palatable
For my God is ever able n available
To make me stable
Even when i stumble, never ever to crumble

That’s why i aspire to acquire my desire which i admire
If by the road i pass through fire, i won’t retire to acquire my desire which i admire
B’cos in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Obadiah, Zephaniah and even Zechariah
It is the desire of Messiah to grant me my heart desire
So if i aspire to acquire my desire which i admire
I may pass through fire
But when i tire
I will not retire but look up to Messiah
For He will rekindle my fire……..

Compiled by: JoeyB™ – de poet
Inspired by: HayWhy



I’m beginning again
Forgoing the pain
Neglecting all the shame and disdain
Building my dignity and true-self again

I’m putting the pieces of my life together
Forget everything that made me cry
The disrespect, hatred and the lies
The questions i kept asking God that “why?”

I confess today I’m Yours and You are mine
Come and be the Master of my life
Be the Shepherd of my soul
Come and take full control

Lead me Lord and i’ll follow
Send me Lord and i’ll go
‘Cos You paid the debts You did not owe
You bore our trangressions all in a public show

Help me Lord, give me a heart like Yours
My sins You took away when You died on the cross
Restore unto me all the things i have loss
Even the years i have sewn in tears.