De Break UP!!!

Hello Fear……
Could u grab me the chair there?
Well, now get this message straight once u are here
You’ve made me mess up my life with lot of things i couldn’t really bare
But since our last encounter, things have turned around so now u need to disappear
U have had your tenure and u really did your worse
I gave in to u like i had lost my sense
I realised all this the day u made me break my lense
So i sound this caution that from hence
U belong to my ‘past tense’
All my hope and dreams u stole from me
I really need them back before u leave
Unlike the days of Adam and Eve

You’ve caused me enough fear and panic
I felt so sick and almost became anaemic
Thus i need u out of my life so fast and quick
Take a close look at me now
‘Cos my life just changed for the better, u needn’t know how
These last tears u see here today will fall no more
All you did was to break my heart to the very core
Anger, lies, lust and all the other flaws
I do them no more
I found a new love called God’s Grace
Her love is so endless
All i plead for is her forgiveness
‘Cos when u gripped me i was helpless
U left me with no options and made me clueless
Now she made me know i am God’s creation
I’ve also realized my life’s mission
God, my present help even in this situation
Has saved me from u and your confusion
And He has lifted me from every opposition
Even to a higher position

U know what, before u leave u must really hear this
My God is stable, able and unbeatable
Though u surround me now, be ready to soon stumble and totally crumble
‘Cos my God is the most reliable
To deliever me from every one of your trouble

To end this discussion, let me remind you briefly that
….Now i can aspire to acquire my desire i admire
Though i may pass through fire
I’ll never retire or even tire
‘Cos i have a Messiah
Who will rekindle my fire
Sorry Fear, God’s grace took your place
Farewell, never do i wanna see u the rest of my days
JoeyB™ – de poet


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