It was in the middle of the thick darkness as i walked through the street of life
Silents fields, toads singing, whirlwind approaching, so i kept my knife
Desolate thoughts, nothing to lay hold of, my fears killing me softly
Then my instincts whispered suddenly, “He has not given unto us the spirit of fear…”
Immediately, i opened my ears ruptly then i began to hear
Melodious hymns and songs that angels sang, in my ears they sounded clear
I was studpefied until a strange angel will appear
He said, “my son this thing you are seeing has lasted not days but several years.”
The sound of music grew wild and gross
I couldn’t adhere the high pitched-voices yet i gave them an applause
It felt i had finally arrived so i told myself “here we are, let me take a halt”
Then i heard, “please don’t stop it may only be a plot”
But He took away my fears and trangression when on the cross
And with His blood, i have been bought
So i should live life without fear, yet stay in His court
The world should be drawn to me, like a pot of soup needs a pinch of salt.


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