She was sooooo deeply in love with you but you loved another
You were all she thought of before and after sleep
Yet you broke her heart and made her weep
Not just for days but several weeks
She’d always ask herself “is this……

You admitted to her, your heart was for another
And she needn’t come in to be a bother
Everyone realised her affection towards you even her kid-brother
You made her sob until she slept off like a baby sucking its mum’s udder

She prayed her heart out to God
Now in her heart and mind ‘you are gone’
A renewed heart and mind like a new baby born
Now you want her back in your life
After you stubbed her with an imaginary knife
You even wish she could be your wife

But she keeps teling you “NO”
‘Cos she can’t stand you so tells you “you have to GO”
You heard a pastor once say “You reap just what you sew”
Then it is time to ask yourself if it’s …..
……TRAGIC or MAGIC!!!!!

JoeyB™ – de poet


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