Time is ¢urrency

Time is ¢urrency
Though people may argue it’s only a fallacy
Or even a fantasy
But i pray to God for His mercy
The time i have wasted, life in short was messy
Life sometimes like a plant growing in thorns
Other times as beautiful as lawns
Or even crispy as prawns
Like girls dressed in fawns

Time is ¢urrency
We use it to buy or to sell
Spend it very well
Cherish it like a curl
Uphold it like a snail in its shell
Until you make it to Heaven or hell

Time is ¢urrency
Available to all but cherished by few
So make friends, say one or two
Invest your time well for its the ‘new cool’
Else you’ll speak the language of a fool
Had i known will always be at last
Keep this in mind till you leave this earth’s crust
Adhere to this then it would be a plus to you
This is from JoeyB™ to a friend like you……
JoeyB™ – de poet


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